Gravesite Honor


What We Offer

A thoughtful, seasonal arrangement, and upkeep of your loved one’s gravesite.

Stand Alone service

One time visit, offering personalized care for your loved one’s gravesite.

annual care plan

Quarterly visits to keep your loved one’s gravesite well groomed throughout the year.

Why Choose Us

We know that often times our lives prevent us from caring for our loved one’s gravesite. Thus, Gravesite Honor was born out of the love and respect for our lost ones. Our concierge service of experienced team members are dedicated to: locate, clean and maintain your loved one’s gravesite.

family owned business

We are a family owned business based out of Chicago, and service the Chicagoland area. We have a deep rooted passion to never forget our lost loved ones. Growing up in a military family, then losing our brother way too young, we have frequently visited his military gravesite. While there, we noticed the clean beauty of the cemetery. We wanted to imitate this beauty at the other cemeteries where our relatives rest. Over the years we have added tools that specialize in the care of their headstones and the surrounding area. With attention to detail, we have implemented the following care taking process – remove any debris and overgrowth, clean the headstone (including the lettering) and add a flower arrangement.

This has led to our FAMILY PROMISE:

Leave No Stone Un-Loved.

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What we Do

Stone Care
Landscape Care
Debris Removal
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